With a wide range of staples like Maida (Refined Wheat Flour), Dalia (Porridge), Poha (Rice Flakes), Sooji (Semolina) and Besan (Gram Flour), every pack is a guarantee of great quality. It will surely satiate your taste buds and give you many reasons to call Asbah products “Food for Good”.
  • Sooji
    Premium quality semolina made from rich wheat kernels. It is specially dried to ensure proper texture and longer shelf life.
  • Maida
    Processed in clean, dust and moisture free environment. Perfect for a variety of dishes.
  • Dalia
    A complex carbohydrate with high fibre content. It’s tasty and healthy.
  • Poha
    Finest quality Rice Flakes rich in nutrients to start the day. They are sliced, flattened with rollers and dehydrated making them brittle, crispy and easy to digest.
  • Besan
    Finest quality refined gram flour rich in nutrients and fibre. It’s fine quality makes it perfect for preparing delicious snacks.
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