About Us

 DCP India started in the mid 1970’s as Delhi Chem Plastiks founded by Mr. Ajit Jain. He “Started small, but dreamt big.” Dealing in polymers, building a dedicated supplier network and loyal customer base was his major focus. During the 1990’s when the Indian economy was thrown open and the import / export norms liberalized, China was rapidly becoming the hub of cheap manufactured goods across all categories. Mr. Jain with his foresight and vision travelled to China and sourced the best quality PU Coated Fabrics / Leather and pioneered the use of PU Coated Synthetic Leather for footwear and garment industry replacing the more expensive leather with a cost effective and environmental friendly product, much before it was fashionable to do so.

After dominating the market for the decade as one of the top supplier of PU Coated fabrics in India, his son Gaurav joined the family business and brought a new and fresh perspective and started diversifying into other commodities / products. Delhi Chem Plastiks was abbreviated to DCP and the new company was called DCP Synthetics (P) Ltd. In late 2000’s the company went for a total makeover and was renamed DCP India (P) Ltd to better convey the diversity of products being handled : from PVC flex banners to Aluminum Foil for packaging and from Dairy to Agro Products. Under the unique leadership skills of Mr. Gaurav Jain the company achieved growth. From a measly Rs. 43cr in FY 2011-12, revenues jumped to Rs. 500cr in FY 2015-16.

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